2016 Commemorative Downtown Festival and Art Show Tee Shirts

Tee Shirts Sale


Men’s 100% Cotton (Gilden) Commemorative Tee Shirt

$14.00 Ea. + Shipping  (+$3.40 for 1 shirt or    + $6.80 for up to 3 shirts)

Mail a check and include how many tee shirts and your size(s)  to:

Sunshine Andrei
PO Box 490   Station 30
Gainesville, FL 32627-0490

You will receive your shirt in the mail.

If you would rather, you can stop in at The Thomas Center Building A , Room 211 with a check and avoid the shipping charge.

8AM- 5 PM, Calling first is recommended to be sure someone is here.  352-393-8536 or 352-393-8543